Following candidates may undertake studies on different terms than applicable to Polish citizens:

  • candidates from non-EU/EFTA member countries, who do not meet the requirements mentioned above to undertake and pursue studies on the terms applicable to Polish citizens
  • citizens of EU or EFTA countries and members of their families, who decided to undertake studies in Poland on other terms than applicable to Polish citizens (e.g. as Polish scholarship holders)
  • holders of the valid Polish Charter (pol. Karta Polaka), who resigned from study on the terms applicable to Polish citizens (e.g. they will study as Polish scholarship holders)Ÿ

The candidates may study:

  • on a fee-paying basis (fees in EUR)
  • as Polish Governement scholarship holders
  • free from charges and scholarships
  • as free-from-fee holders of scholarship from their country of origin
  • as holders of scholarship from an educational institution or a natural or legal person

on the basis of:

  • decisions of the rector of the University of Warsaw
  • international agreements
  • agreements concluded between higher education institutions and foreign entities
  • decisions of the minister competent for higher education or other competent minister


If you undertake studies on a fee-paying basis (fees in EUR), please register online for studies at this website and then proceed to the next step: a qualification procedure.

If you have got the status of Polish Government scholarship holder, a holder of scholarship from your country or other, a holder of University of Warsaw's scholarship or the status of a person studying without tuition fee and scholarship, you must contact the UW Admissions Office prior to recruitment.


  • Foreigners applying for the Card of the Pole, asylum-seekers, foreigners applying for a residence permit to settle in the territory of Poland or other statuses from above
  • holders of the Card of the Pole or the citizenship of the EU / EFTA countries, who are applying for a scholarship of the Government of the Republic of Poland, the scholarship of the sending party or the status of "free from charges and scholarship"

choose the path for candidates admitted on different rules than the Polish citizens ("C") and at the same time they can register for the same (or different) programme of study within the path "P" (for Polish citizens). Then they will take part in the qualifications within the two paths of recruitment. If a candidate is qualified to study under both paths, before receiving the decision on admission s/he will be required to declare the conditions of study (on the same rules as Polish citizens or other financial conditions).


Go to the Catalogue with the rules of recruitment, available for this path


If you have any doubt, please contact the UW Admissions Office.
UW Admissions Office
Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, 00-927 Warsaw

Kazimierzowski Palace, Room No. 4

Phone: +48 22 55 24 -043, -048


Office hours:

Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.