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American Studies, parallel studies

Level of study: first-cycle Form of study: full-time Education profile: academic Duration: 3 years

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The American Studies Center is a cross-disciplinary department of the University of Warsaw. Its faculty research and teach various aspects of the United States culture, society, literature, art, film, media, history, economy, politics, law, ideas, etc. The faculty are both Polish and international scholars; the permanent faculty includes three professors from the US. Classes are taught by resident and guest faculty.

Graduates of the American Studies Center have specialized knowledge about American society and culture, and the relations between the US and the world, including Europe.

The undergraduate program encompasses introductory lectures on various disciplines that make up the curriculum as well as a spectrum of elective courses. Each student is required to take nine elective classes, three in each general area (art and literature, history and society, politics). Students are encouraged to enroll in elective classes that would support their specific research projects. The program also includes an academic writing class (English composition). We also require students to participate in open academic sessions, i.e. to attend at least 60 hours of lectures, conferences or debates offered at the ASC and other University Departmens as well as institutions of learning and culture.

The program runs for three years (six semesters). All classes are offered in English.

ASC Graduates will have earned a “licencjat” degree, comparable to a Bachelor of Arts degree, in cultural studies with an emphasis in American Studies. They find employment in an array of professions, e.g. business, foreign trade, journalism, media, culture, education, administration, foreign service, international organization, and tourism.

Qualification procedure for parallel studies

Warunkiem ubiegania się o podjęcie studiów równoległych jest średnia ocen z pierwszego kierunku studiów min. 4,3.

Podstawą kwalifikacji jest rozmowa kwalifikacyjna w języku angielskim.

Kryteria oceny: rozumienie przekazu, formułowanie przejrzystych wypowiedzi, zdolność argumentacji, znajomość słownictwa i struktur gramatycznych na poziomie wystarczającym do studiowania w języku angielskim.

Date of exams

Termin egzaminu: 6 lipca 2018 r.

Place of results' announcement

Ogłoszenie wyników: 10 lipca 2018 r.

Additional information

Przyjmowanie dokumentów: 16-18 lipca 2018 r.

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