University of Warsaw / Faculty of Geology

Applied Petroleum Geosciences

Level of study: second-cycle Form of study: full-time Education profile: academic Duration: 2 years


Fields of studies and specializations

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from 2999-01-01 to 2999-01-01





The minimum number of persons admitted (within all paths of qualifications) to being the subject of study start:

The studies conclude with a Master of Sciences degree. They are focused on deepening geological and chemical knowledge resulting from widening the set of concepts, as well as theoretical, measurement and field methods. The studies are aimed at supplying the graduates with thorough geological and chemical knowledge and preparing them to undertake jobs and research in the field of hydrocarbon geology. The main focus of the studies is drawing attention to values of the basic fields of geology and chemistry in the process of planning hydrocarbon prospection and production strategies, not only from an engineering point of view. The wide spectrum of the proposed courses is aimed at showing the students the complexity of natural processes and the need of their comprehensive analysis. The studies are both specialized and interdisciplinary, which increases their importance with regard to the integration of geological data, and prepare the graduates for co-operation with related branches of knowledge from the scientific, research and professional point of view. Wide application of expert knowledge is planned during the educational process through invited specialists from the oil and chemical industries, which should allow the students to get acquainted with the specific character of work in these employment sectors. The aim of the master studies in Applied Petroleum Geosciences is educating graduates that will understand the complexity of natural processes in geology and chemistry, both in present-day and ancient environments. The graduates will be able to reconstruct ancient depositional systems with focus on their role in hydrocarbon systems. They will have deepened knowledge in the range of organic chemistry, geochemistry, and petrology and will recognize the relationships between them. Graduates of the master studies in Applied Petroleum Geosciences at the Faculty of Geology and Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw will be prepared to undertake jobs in the mining industry, prospection and consulting companies, environmental protection, water management, as well as scientific, research and educational institutions around the world.