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Internal Security, specialisation: Graduate Programme in Security Studies

Level of study: second-cycle Form of study: full-time Education profile: academic Duration: 2 years

Table of contents:

Fields of studies and specializations

Conducting units


from 2999-01-01 to 2999-01-01

Limit of students






The minimum number of persons admitted (within all paths of qualifications) to being the subject of study start: 15

The INSTITUTE OF POLITICAL SCIENCE, UNIVERSITY OF WARSAW, as one of the first academic centres in Poland, decided to launch a new field of study – INTERNAL SECURITY. Since 2012, these studies have gained a practical profile, due to which they are also a response to the need of improving professional qualifications of officers of different state services (e.g. police, border guard etc.).

The educational profile is the answer to the demand for both the knowledge as well as the practical preparation in the sphere of national security and public order maintenance.

Improving its educational offer, the INSTITUTE OF POLITICAL SCIENCE decided to start a new and unique GRADUATE PROGRAMME IN SECURITY STUDIES (GPSS) which are addressed to persons with a Bachelor’s degree awarded upon completion of a Bachelor’s degree program (undergraduate studies) in Poland or elsewhere. They are second-cycle full-time graduate studies (2 years). The language of tuition is English.

The study programme covers both theoretical (such as Theory of security) and practical (f.ex. Emergency management) courses. Our students apart from regular courses could take part actively in the academic life, taking part in such events as: conferences, debates and lectures of distinguished guests from all over the world invited often by our University. More on the GPSS programme you can learn at:

The course lasts two years. In order to receive the Masters’s degree, the graduates will be required to write a Masters’s thesis and pass the examination.

Learning outcomes

Admission rules

The programme is conducted in English and is open to all international and Polish applicants. The candidates must obtain a bachelor, master, engineer or equivalent degree in any discipline.

The candidate should:

  1. have knowledge of the social and legal issues, which constitutes the basis for understanding the internal security;
  2. understand and have the ability to analyze phenomena related to security on a global, national, regional and local scale;
  3. have a basic knowledge of political science and other social sciences, human rights and the functioning of the state (forms, purposes, functions, system);
  4. be familiar with the tasks and functioning of the central and local organs of state, including the location and role of the public authorities responsible for internal security;
  5. know the full range of issues related to internal security, particularly related legal regulations and crisis management issues;
  6. have English language skills at the level allowing to study in this language.

A candidate who does not meet the above mentioned criteria of knowledge, skills and competence, may complete the compensatory courses.

Candidates will be admitted on the basis of the documents submitted until all places have been filled.

Required documents:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s diploma (copy certified by the University of Warsaw) in any area of studies;

      and, in case of foreign diplomas:

  1. document in form of legalization or so called Apostille if a diploma was issued by the institution operating in the educational system of the state being side of the Hague convention from 5 October 1961;
  2. sworn translation into Polish of the diplomas and the aforementioned document (if it was issued in the foreign language);
  3. document of recognition of Bachelor’s or Master’s diploma in Poland – so called nostryfikacja (if needed)
  • Application form – printout  from the Internet Registration of Candidates – IRK;
  • Application for the Electronic Student ID (ELS) - printout  from the Internet Registration of Candidates – IRK, together with the application form (after photo uploading);
  • Application form of the Institute of Political Science;
  • Copy of ID that was the basis for the IRK registration;
  • One colour ID photograph of the candidate;
  • Written commitment to regular payment of tuition fees;
  • Receipt of the administration fee in case of payment abroad (foreign candidates);
  • Health certificate that confirms the ability of a candidate to study within the program, with translation if it was not issued in Polish (foreign candidates);
  • Photocopy of the document confirming legalization of a candidate's residence in the territory of Poland (foreign candidates);
  • A certificate of proficiency in English (equivalent at least to the level B2) /in the case of a proper diploma, a language certificate is not required/ A list of diplomas / certificates of proficiency in English, accepted in the process of recruitment.

Candidates will be admitted on the basis of the documents submitted until all places have been filled.

When the number of applications exceeds the limit of students, the additional procedure will start.

Candidates will prepare the essay in English on security issues which are sent by e-mail or post (formal requirements: 5-7 pages, Word Document, font 12, line spacing – 1,5, margins 2.5 cm).

The essay will test the English language skills and the general knowledge of subjects included in the programme of studies, as well as scientific skills.

 A candidate can obtain 30 points maximum as a result of assessment of the following issues:

  • English language skills – 0-10 points
  • correctness of argumentation, hypotheses formulation and conclusion drawing – 0-10 points
  • knowledge of the discussed issues – 0-10 points.

The ranking list will be prepared on the basis of points obtained by candidates. The list determines the order of candidates admission to the studies within the limit of students.

Admission procedure for candidates with foreign diplomas

Candidates are qualified on the same rules as applicable to candidates with Polish diplomas.

Place of results' announcement

Announcement of results: April 27th 2018.

Tuition fee

The studies are payable - tuition fees

Additional information

Reception of documents: February 15th - May 11th 2018.

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