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Level of study: second-cycle Form of study: full-time Education profile: academic Duration: 2 years

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Fields of studies and specializations

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from 2018-06-05 to 2018-07-04 23:59:59

Limit of students






The minimum number of persons admitted (within all paths of qualifications) to being the subject of study start: 6

Graduate of the second-cycle Chemistry Studies in English will:

  • possess sufficient knowledge of chemistry, considerably improved since the first degree course;
  • be fluent in and possess working knowledge of the issues within the chosen area;
  • be sufficiently competent in the field of mathematics for quantitative description, understanding and modeling problems of average level complexity;
  • be prepared to work in chemical laboratories, both traditional and those equipped with the state-of -the-art technology;
  • be capable of gathering and critically analyzing data necessary to publish research results;
  • be able to prepare and present papers as well as conduct content-related discussions with specialists;
  • possess sufficient abilities to solve chemical problems, including the unusual ones, especially within chosen specialization;
  • be motivated for lifelong learning and professional development;
  • be prepared to organize group work and manage team-work.

Admission rules

The programme is open to all international and Polish applicants. Eligible for admission are holders of a bachelor, master, engineer or equivalent degree in any discipline as well as document acknowledging candidate's sufficient proficiency in English (B2 level).

A candidate is qualified according to his/her GPA obtained during previous studies. For candidates who have completed their studies in the area of knowledge other than science or life science recruitment consists of two stages. In the first stage, candidates have to take part in the interview in English.

During the interview, the candidate discusses issues selected by the Examination Committee from the list previously published on the website of the Faculty of Chemistry and the system of Internet Registration of Candidates.

Obtaining satisfactory grade during the interview is a prerequisite for admission to the second stage of recruitment, which runs the same for all candidates and is based on candidates’ GPAs obtained during previous studies.

Admission procedure for candidates with foreign diplomas

Candidates are qualified on the same rules as applicable to candidates with Polish diplomas.

Date of exams

Exam date: July 10th 2018

Place of results' announcement

Announcement of results: July 13th 2018

Tuition fee

The studies are payable - tuition fees

Additional information

Reception of documents: 18-27 July 2018

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