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English studies

Level of study: second-cycle Form of study: full-time Education profile: academic Duration: 2 years

Table of contents:

Fields of studies and specializations

Conducting units


from 2999-01-01 to 2999-01-01

Limit of students






Minimum number of persons admitted (in all paths of qualifications) which is necessary to start the programme: 15

Graduate programmes in English philology last for two years and end whith the student obtaining a Master's degree. Students can choose from among the following specialisations:

  • British literature and culture
  • American literature and culture
  • Theoretical and applied linguistics

The programme is based on courses selected by the student, and includes the honing of English language skills.

A detailed description of the study programme is available here

Admission rules

Admission is based on a C1 English language exam.

Note: a C1 certificate issued by the Institute of English Studies or by the University of Warsaw within the previous 5 years absolves the student from taking the test.

A candidate has to get a minimum of 50 % of the score from the C1 exam in English, or has to present the C1 (or C2) certificate issued by the University of Warsaw. The admission is based on the score ranking list according to the admission limits.

The ranking list is made on the basis of scores from the C1 exam organized by the Institute of English studies and the C1 (C2) certificate issued by the University of Warsaw.

Admission procedure for candidates with foreign diplomas

The admissions criteria are the same as for candidates with Polish diplomas. A candidate who has completed first-cycle studies, entitling him/her to continue Master-level studies, conducted in English language may be exempted from the interview by the decision of the Admission Committee.

Date of exams

Date of C1 level exam: 19 June 2018, 10:00 a.m., Adam Mickiewicz Hall, Auditorium Maximum Building, the main University Campus, 26/28 Krakowskie Przedmieście St.

Place of results' announcement

Announcement of results: July 6th, 2018.

Tuition fee

The studies are payable - tuition fees

Additional information

Submission of documents: 9-16 July 2018.

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