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Informatics and econometrics, specialisation: Data Science

Level of study: second-cycle Form of study: full-time Education profile: academic Duration: 2 years

Table of contents:

Fields of studies and specializations

Conducting units


from 2999-01-01 to 2999-01-01

Limit of students






The minimum number of persons admitted (within all paths of qualifications) to being the subject of study start: 5

Admission rules

Application and admission procedure

The programme is open to all international and Polish applicants. Candidates must:

  • Ÿhave a bachelor, master, engineer or equivalent degree,
  • confirm proficiency of English at least at B2 level; accepted certificates: Cambridge/FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, CEIBT, IELTS, TOEFL, TSE, diplomas of UW NKJO. This requirement does not apply to candidates graduated from high school or college with English as language of instruction,
  • submit a statement of purpose/cover letter and two letters of recommendation from academics with at least PhD degree, s who know the candidate personally,
  • present a transcript of records for the relevant undergraduate cycle (diploma supplement from the EU or the equivalent in other countries).

Qualification is based on the ranking list. Ranking points are calculated as following:

  • points for a cover letter: max 100 pts (10% weight)
  • points for letters of recommendation: max 100 pts for each letter (10% weight for each letter)
  • points awarded for subjects completed during previous course of study: each subject max 100 pts (each subject 10% weight) - numbers of hours and received grade are taken into account.

During the verification process Admission Committee takes under consideration following subjects: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematical Statistics, Probability Calculus, Econometrics, Mathematical Analysis (Mathematical Calculus), Finance.

In the procedure candidate may receive max. 100 ranking points.

Admission procedure for candidates with foreign diplomas

Candidates are qualified on the same rules as applicable to candidates with Polish diplomas.

Place of results' announcement

Announcement of results: July 24th 2017

Tuition fee

Studia stacjonarne prowadzone w języku angielskim są płatne. Do 30% najlepszych kandydatów w postępowaniu rekrutacyjnym na studia anglojęzyczne może uzyskać zwolnienie z opłat za studia na I roku w wysokości 70% czesnego. Tryb i szczegółowe zasady zwolnienia z opłat zostaną podane w odrębnym dokumencie.

Studies fully taught in English are payable. Maximum 30% of candidates (best one according to merged ranking list) may receive 70% tuition waiver for the first year of the programme.

Additional documents

Please look at the check-list: Also, please submit the following form with data about the courses which you have taken:

Additional information

Reception of documents: 25-26 July 2017

Find us on the map: Faculty of Economic Sciences

The rules on tuition waiver are available after contacting the Office of Admissions at the Faculty of Economic Sciences: