List of universities

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Finanse, inwestycje i rachunkowość (Finance, Investments and Accounting), specialization: Finance and International Investment, parallel studies Studies
Jewish Studies Studies
Undergraduate Programme in International Relations, parallel studies Studies
Applied linguistics (Italian and basic Russian languages section) Studies
Musicology, parallel studies Studies
Applied linguistics (Russian and English, German or Italian languages section) Studies
Applied linguistics (Italian and English, German, oraz Russian languages section) Studies
Political Science, spec. Undergraduate Programme in Political Science Studies
General and Clinical Speech and Language Therapy, spec. Speech Therapy in School and Didactics of Polish Language Studies
Oriental studies, Korean studies Studies
Orientalistyka, egiptologia, stacjonarne, pierwszego stopnia, studia równoległe Studies
Artes Liberales (Liberal Arts) Studies
Artes Liberales (Liberal Arts), parallel studies Studies
Journalism and Information Studies Studies
American studies Studies
American studies, parallel studies Studies
Archaeology Studies
Archaeology Studies
Astronomy Studies
Astronomy, parallel studies Studies
Astronomy, individual studies Studies
Astronomy, individual parallel studies Studies
Biology Studies
Bioinformatics and systems biology Studies
Biology, parallel studies Studies
total: 535
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