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Degree programmes (first-cycle,second-cycle, long-cycle) - 2020/2021

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English Studies, full-time, second cycle

Code S2-FLA
Organizational unit Faculty of Modern Languages
Field of studies English Studies
Form of studies Full-time
Level of education Second cycle
Educational profile academic
Language(s) of instruction English
Minimum number of students 30
Admission limit 133
Duration 2 years
Recruitment committee address
WWW address
Required document
  • Higher education
There is currently no active phase for this programme.

Past phases in this registration:
  • Phase 1 (03.08.2020 00:00 – 10.09.2020 23:59)












Admission rules for candidates with Polish diplomas

The studies are intended for candidates holding a bachelor’s or master’s degree or their equivalent in any field of study.

Qualification to studies is based on an entrance exam for all candidates, checking their preparation for second-cycle studies in English philology.

The test exam is in English and consists of 3 parts: British literature and culture, American literature and culture, and theoretical and applied linguistics.

The maximum amount of points in each part is 40. The candidate chooses one part. The qualification threshold is 24 points (60%).

The scope of the exam:

British literature and culture

Literary periods and their historical background:

  1. Heroic and religious tradition in the early Middle Ages
  2. Knightly romance and medieval allegory
  3. Elizabethan drama
  4. English poetry of the 17th century, metaphysical poets and epic
  5. Romantic poetry
  6. Victorian novel
  7. Modernism
  8. Contemporary novel

British culture:

  1. Geographical and economic regions as well as historical and cultural regions
  2. Basics of British statehood: basic political instruments
  3. Social institutions and phenomena, e.g. school system, ethnic relations
  4. Cultural institutions and phenomena: e.g. press, television
  5. Current events

American literature and culture

Literary periods and their historical background:

  1. Literature of the colonial period
  2. Transcendentalism
  3. Romanticism in fiction and poetry
  4. Fiction of realism and naturalism
  5. Modernist poetry and fiction
  6. Postmodernism and literature
  7. Drama in the 20th century
  8. Contemporary literature

American culture

  1. Geographical and economic regions as well as historical and cultural regions
  2. Political institutions
  3. Social institutions and phenomena, e.g. school system, ethnic relations
  4. Cultural phenomena and media
  5. Current events


  1. Important feature of natural language (e.g. conventionality, two-level structure, creativity, cultural learning)
  2. Phonetics and phonology (classification of sounds, phonemes, allophones, syllable, etc.)
  3. Morphology (types of morphemes, derivation and inflection, word-formation processes, etc.) and syntax (syntactic processes and categories, syntactic analysis, etc.)
  4. Semantics (linguistic meaning, thematic roles, lexical relations, etc.) and pragmatics (context, anaphora, reference/ connotation, etc.), deictic expressions, presupposition, conversational implicatures, speech acts, language politeness)
  5. Discourse analysis
  6. Geographical and social diversity of language
  7. Language acquisition and second/foreign language learning

Checking the candidate’s linguistic competence to study in English

In addition to the test exam in English constituting of 3 parts (British literature and culture, American literature and culture and theoretical and applied linguistics), candidates take the C1 level English exam.

The exam is administered by the Institute of English Studies of the University of Warsaw. The result of the exam is valid for 5 years from the date it was taken. The candidate must have a valid exam on the day on which the recruitment results are announced. In order for the Recruitment Commission to recognize the result of an exam from previous year, a suitable application must be submitted no later than on the last day of registration of candidates for full-time second-cycle studies.

A candidate who has a valid exam results may retake the C1 exam in the current recruitment process and submit an application to the Recruitment Commission of the Institute of English Studies asking for recognition of the higher result in the recruitment process. The application has to be submitted no later than on the last day of recruitment to full-time second-cycle studies.

Information about the exam:

It is an advanced written exam at the C1according to CEFR (i.e. the fifth of six levels, with the second highest degree of difficulty). Duration: 3 hours.


  • Listening comprehension (15% of the total score),
  • Reading comprehension (15% of the total score),
  • Use of language structures (40% of the total score),
  • Writing (30% of the total score).


  • Knowledge of English allowing efficient functioning in a social, professional and academic context - for orientation, the level of lexical-grammatical and phraseological competence required to successfully complete undergraduate studies conducted in English can be used as the reference level.
  • In the area of reading and listening, understanding formal and academic discourse with a significant degree of lexical and structural complexity (e.g. lecture, interview, panel discussion, and press, literary and popular-science publication).
  • Ability to create academic text (e.g. an essay), referring to the general knowledge of the candidates and their social, cultural and professional experience.

Candidates who hold a C1 or higher English language certificate from the University of Warsaw certification exam passed in the last 5 years are exempt from the exam. Candidates with such a certificate should submit an application for its recognition no later than on the last day of recruitment for full-time second-cycle studies.

Method of determining the final result:

  • Candidates are required to obtain the minimum result of 50% on the C1 English exam or a C1 or higher level University of Warsaw certificate in English.


Admission procedure for candidates with foreign diplomas

The admissions criteria are the same as for candidates with Polish diplomas.



Exams: 15th-18th of September, 2020, (the exams will be conducted online via Kampus-rekrutacja platform)

Announcement of results: 23rd of September, 2020

Reception of documents: 

  • I round: 24th-25th of September, 2020
  • II round (in case of not fulfilling the limit during I round): 28th-29th of September, 2020



Application fee

Student's ID payment (ELS)


Required documents

List of required documents submitted by candidates qualified for studies


Additional information

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