Master in Food Systems, full-time, second cycle

In power from: 19 Nov 2020

Registration criteria

Admission rules for candidates with Polish and foreign diplomas

Recruitment includes:

• consortium level: stages I and II

• local level (UW): stage III

Stage I - Eligibility criteria - consortium level – up to 50 pts

The candidate must submit an application at: 

Requirements for candidates:

a/ accreditation of English level (certificate as indicated at , level at least B2 or IELTS: 6.5)

b/ a diploma confirming the completion of at least the first level of study (bachelor's, master's, engineering or equivalent, including supplement), which allows you to start a second degree

c/ written self-presentation demonstrating entrepreneurial potential (details at

Scoring at the qualification stage:

1.1. Grade for bachelor, master, engineer or equivalent diploma - detailed points scale for different grading systems at

*Grades on the diploma from natural sciences (Crop and livestock production, Chemistry, Horticulture, Chemical engineering and processes, Biology, Biochemistry, Food processing), grades on the diploma from Management / Business science or other field of studies are considered only in case, when a candidate demonstrates their experience in natural sciences by providing adequate certificates (the Consortium Board is the decision-making body here).

1.2. Entrepreneurial potential

written self-presentation, the possibility of attaching certificates and other documents confirming previous achievements - details at

Based on the points obtained in the first stage, a ranking list is created, drawn up according to the decreasing number of points.

Stage II  - The interview -  consortium level – up to 50 pts: 

The number of candidates entering a second stage (interview) will not be bigger than twice as the final number of course vacancies (15 ), namely 30, with the minimum number of points from the first stage specified by the Consortium on 

The interview conducted in English will verify the following criteria (details at

- communication skills in English (lexical perspicuity, fluency, contribution to structuring conversation, skill in using communication strategies)

- entrepreneurial competences (creativity, innovation mindset)

- knowledge about the food system (general knowledge about the food sector, awareness of social issues related to food and nutrition, specificity of food production, food processing and food products)

The ranking list is based on the total of points from both stages

The maximum number of points to be scored in all stages: 100

Stage III -  Internal Registration for Candidates – UW level

On the basis of the points obtained on the consortium level, a ranking list is prepared according to a decreasing number of points, on the basis of which candidates will be qualified for studies at the University of Warsaw within the applicable limit of places.



Announcement of results: 21st of May, 2021

Reception of documents:



Student's ID payment (ELS)

The studies are payable - tuition fees


Required documents

List of required documents submitted by candidates qualified for studies


Additional information 

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