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Degree programmes (first-cycle,second-cycle, long-cycle) - 2022/2023

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International Management and Intercultural Communication – Global MBA, full-time, second cycle

Organizational unit Faculty of Management
Field of studies International Management and Intercultural Communication – Global MBA
Form of studies Full-time
Level of education Second cycle
Educational profile academic
Language(s) of instruction English
Admission limit 10
Duration 1,5 year
Recruitment committee address globalmba@wz.uw.edu.pl
WWW address http://www.wz.uw.edu.pl/
Required document
  • Higher education
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There is currently no active phase.

Past phases in this registration:
  • Phase 1 (01.06.2022 00:00 – 13.07.2022 23:59)

Number of places:  places (for qualified candidates at the University of Warsaw) and  places (for students from partner universities of the GlobalMBA consortium)

The study program is paid. It is possible to apply for an Erasmus + scholarship during the semester in Germany.

The aims of the program:

Second degree studies in the field of “International Management and Intercultural Communication in Business – Global MBA” are a unique program providing graduate students the opportunity to combine intensive classroom study with residential experiences in four countries: Germany, Poland, South Korea and the United States.

The GlobalMBA is offered by a consortium of four outstanding universities:

  • University of Warsaw, Poland
  • Technische Hochschule Köln, Germany
  • University of North Florida, USA
  • Kyungpook National University, Sth. Korea

Each university selects a group of students up to 10 who function as a cohort throughout the GlobalMBA. The cohort, of maximum of 40 students, studies together, spending 2 – 4 months at each institution. The curriculum includes courses in the international and global aspects of each business discipline consisting of the courses in management, economics and finance, in addition to subjects on intercultural communication and international business environments in each country.

Accentuated by the multinational cohort format of the GlobalMBA, the program’s intercultural communication component is given as much weight as the functional business component. Students study their host countries’ business and communication practices during each of the four semesters and internalize what they learn by living and traveling with their international colleagues. Group work is emphasized both in class settings and in the master’s thesis: research, writing and defense. All instruction is in English.

The experience and knowledge that program students gain by living, studying, and learning about four diverse countries and working closely with the international students in the program prepares them for exciting careers in international business. Critical thinking and leadership skills are also honed throughout the 15 months of this academically and socially challenging program.

Our alumni are hired for positions in all business disciplines and sectors - in multinational corporations, non-profit organizations, governmental organizations, and more.

The study program is prepared on the basis of four following pillars:

  1. international management covering issues from the areas of international economics, strategy, marketing, financial management, human resource management and organization theory;
  2. intercultural competences achieved through the implementation of seminars on the theory and practice of intercultural communication in individual countries;
  3. problem-solving skills in the international environment of the enterprise implemented by means of a group project leading to the defense of the thesis;
  4. development of digital skills and transversal competences, the teaching of which is integrated in all subject modules and leads to the acquisition of basic competences in the area of digitization, business analytics and technological strategy.

Alumni profile

A graduate in scope of knowledge:

  • has knowledge about the nature of management sciences and its place in the system of social sciences and about its objective and methodological connections with other scientific disciplines. She/he sees management as an interdisciplinary science,
  • knows and understands the research methodology and the terminology in the scope of the discipline of management and quality as well as in supplementary disciplines (economics and finance, legal sciences),
  • knows and understands complex processes and phenomena occurring in various types of organizations and in the world around them, uses management theory and complementary disciplines (economics and finance, legal sciences) to recognize, diagnose and solve problems related to key functions in the organization (operational, marketing, financial, personnel management) and their integration as part of the organization's strategy,
  • knows and understands in a thorough manner the legal conditions of the functioning of the organization and the entire economy, including in the international context,
  • knows and understands complex technological, social, political, legal and economic processes and phenomena as well as their impact on the functioning of the organization and the entire economy in the international context, including the principles of protection of industrial property,
  • knows and understands the principles of creating and developing various forms of entrepreneurship in the national and global dimension.

A graduate in scope of skills:

  • is able to use the theory of management discipline and quality as well as supplementary sciences (economics and finance, legal sciences) to recognize, diagnose and solve complex and unusual problems related to key functions in the organization and their integration as part of the organization's strategy, including in the international context, using the right source selection and adapting existing or developing new methods,
  • can correctly interpret complex processes and technological, social, political, legal, economic and ecological phenomena and their impact on the functioning of the organization and the entire economy, including in the global context, using the right source selection,
  • can independently prepare and analyze analyzes and reports on complex and unusual problems related to the functioning of the organization, sector and the entire national and global economy, and communicate them in English in a communicative way - using advanced IT and communication tools,
  • is able to plan, organize and manage team work, including both international and intercultural teams,
  • has the ability to self-education, raise qualifications and support others in this area.

A graduate in scope of social competences:

  • is ready to assess and critically approach complex situations and phenomena related to the functioning of the organization, the sector and the entire economy, including in the global context,
  • is ready to think and act in an entrepreneurial way in the national and global dimension,
  • is ready to follow and develop professional ethical standards.

Employment opportunities

A graduate of this Program will be able to take a job including in:

  • transnational corporations,
  • industrial and service enterprises operating on international markets,
  • governmental administration,
  • international organizations,
  • municipal administration,
  • non-profit organizations.
Potential job positions include: an analyst, specialist, senior specialist, middle-level manager, project team leader, and any related positions in all business disciplines and sectors. Good preparation in the field of management sciences is the foundation and a convenient starting point for personal development and professional advancement.
The full description of the studies is available here.

Admission rules for candidates with Polish and foreign diplomas

Candidates are selected on the basis of submitting the documents indicated below and on the basis of an interview.

The application must include:

  1. GRE (minimum of 300) or GMAT (minimum of 500) test scores
  2. the higher education diploma (MA, BA, engineer diploma or equivalent) and transcript of grades obtained during the course of study prior to the GlobalMBA covering basic aspects of the areas as follows: financial accounting, financial management, macroeconomics, microeconomics, marketing and management.

After submitting the complete set of required documents the candidates are invited to an interview.

The interview conducted in English will verify the following criteria:

  • communication skills in English (fluency and clarity of expression, lexical perspicuity, contribution to structuring conversation, communication skills, conducting discussions, vocabulary in the field of economics, business and related fields) – 4 points;
  • entrepreneurial competences (creativity, innovation mindset) – 3 points;
  • intercultural competences – 3 points.

The ranking list is compiled on the basis of the points obtained in the interview.

The maximum number of points to be scored in the interview: 10.

Number of points at the qualification threshold: 5.

Candidates admitted by partner universities during their own selection processes will be registered in accordance with the rules set out in the Global MBA consortium agreement.


Checking the Candidates' competences to undertake studies conducted in English language

Obtaining a positive result in an interview conducted in English is a confirmation of the knowledge of English skills required at the University of Warsaw at the level of at least B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).



Qualification review: 20th - 21st of July, 2022, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (interview will be conducted online via Google Meet)

Announcement of results: 29th of July, 2022

Reception of documents:

  • I round: 1st - 6th of August, 2022
  • in case of not fulfilling the limit druring previous rounds the Admission Committee will announce next deadline: 16th - 19th of August, 2022



Application fee

Student's ID payment (ELS)

The studies are payable - tuition fees


Required documents

List of required documents submitted by candidates qualified for studies


Additional information 

Find us on the map: Faculty of Management

The schedule above applies only to candidates qualified at the University of Warsaw. Candidates admitted on the basis of the qualification procedures conducted at the partner universities will be registered outside the deadlines specified above.