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Degree programmes (first-cycle,second-cycle, long-cycle) - 2022/2023

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Graduate Programme in International Relations, full-time, second cycle

Code S2-SM-ANG
Organizational unit Faculty of Political Science and International Studies
Field of studies International Relations
Form of studies Full-time
Level of education Second cycle
Educational profile academic
Language(s) of instruction English
Minimum number of students 12
Admission limit 40
Duration 2 years
Recruitment committee address rekrutacja.wnpism@uw.edu.pl
tel. (22) 55-22-986
WWW address https://wnpism.uw.edu.pl/
Required document
  • Higher education
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Phase 2 (06.06.2022 00:00 – 05.07.2022 23:59)

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  • Phase 1 (15.04.2022 00:00 – 08.05.2022 23:59)

Active phases in other registrations:
  • Transfers from other universities for first-cycle, second-cycle and long-cycle Master-level studies 2022/2023
    Phase 1 (13.06.2022 00:00 – 31.08.2022 23:59)

We offer an exceptional 2-year second cycle degree (MA) full-time programme delivered entirely in English. We are looking for candidates who are open-minded, creative, ready to study in a multicultural environment and dedicated to challenges of International Relations and global politics. We also expect from candidates to have sound knowledge about the basics of International Relations and strong academic focus. All courses are taught by experienced academics from Poland with elective courses run by academic teachers from other European, as well as non-European universities.

The Programme offers a curriculum centred the goal of achieving methodological, theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and competences. It consists of 4 semesters (terms). The first semester is devoted to most general issues of International Relations. In their fourth semester students are welcome to decide about their own curricula by choosing one of the two study tracks: social track or economic track. The Programme holds 3 semesters of diploma thesis seminar which allows for individual research focus and further development of research competences under the supervision of an experienced supervisor. The central location of the University of Warsaw makes the Programme special also in the sense of access to academic and extra-curricular activities for students. In the course of studies, students will have the opportunity to participate in many open lectures held by well- known professors from around the world What is more, students are welcome to apply for a semester abroad in the framework of Erasmus + Programme and bilateral agreements with universities all over the world (examples include, Mexico, USA, Brasil, India). We also offer a double degree programme with the University of Haifa, Israel.

Employment prospects

The process of diploma thesis preparation leads students to obtaining a master degree (magister) recognised in the EU and internationally. Graduates of the Programme can either choose to pursue an academic career at the PhD level or a professional career especially in international organisations, international business, public administration (especially foreign service and ministries) or non-governmental sector.

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Political Science and International Studies is the oldest and largest political science center in Poland. For many years, the fields of study run by WNPiSM have been awarded the title of the best in Poland (e.g. in the Perspektywy ranking).

More information about the programme: click here

Faculty website: www.wnpism.uw.edu.pl/en


Admission rules for candidates with Polish diplomas

The minimum number of points needed to be qualified: 12 points

Admission to the first year of second-cycle studies is open to persons holding a BA, Master’s or BSc or equivalent diploma in any degree subject.

The qualification is based on an oral examination conducted in English language.

Examination topics:

  1. International Political Relations
  2. International Economic Relations
  3. Public International Law

The final result is the sum of the points obtained for each part of the exam. A candidate may obtain a maximum of 30 points.

Admission rules for candidates with foreign diplomas

The admission criteria are the same as for candidates with Polish diplomas.

Checking the Candidates' competences to undertake studies conducted in English language

The language competences of candidates who do not have a document confirming their knowledge of English at a minimum of a B2 level, recognized by the University of Warsaw, are checked during the oral exam. A positive result of the admission procedure confirms that a candidate is qualified to study in English.

Information on documents certifying knowledge of English language. >> Check! <<


Date of exam: 13th-15th of July, 2022, from 8 a.m. (exam will be conducted online via Google Meet, Zoom or Skype)

Announcement of results: 19th of July, 2022

Reception of documents: 

  • I round: 20th-22nd of July, 2022
  • II round (in case of not fulfilling the limit during I round): 25th-26th of July, 2022
  • III round (in case of not fulfilling the limit during II round): 27th-28th of July, 2022
  • additional rounds will be announced in case of not fulfilling the limits


Application fee

Student's ID payment (ELS)

The studies are payable - tuition fees


Required documents

List of required documents submitted by candidates qualified for studies


Additional information

Find us on the map: Faculty of Political Science and International Studies