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Degree programmes (first-cycle,second-cycle, long-cycle) - 2024/2025

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EU Energy and Climate Law, full-time, second cycle

Organizational unit Faculty of Law and Administration
Field of studies EU Energy and Climate Law
Form of studies Full-time
Level of education Second cycle
Educational profile academic
Language(s) of instruction English
Minimum number of students 10
Admission limit 30
Duration 2 years
Recruitment committee address rekrutacja@wpia.uw.edu.pl
tel. (22) 55-24-601
WWW address https://www.wpia.uw.edu.pl/pl
Required document
  • Higher education
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Phase 1 (06.06.2024 00:00 – 13.09.2024 23:59)

Admission rules for candidates with Polish and foreign diplomas

Admission to the first year of second-degree studies is open to persons holding a bachelor's or master's degree or an equivalent foreign document confirming the completion of studies.

The recruitment can be started by candidates who attach a scan of the following documents in the IRK system:

a. confirming the possession of a master's or bachelor's degree (or equivalent);

b. confirming the documented knowledge of the English language at a level of at least B2;

c. a cover letter in English or in Polish.

The recruitment procedure will consist of two stages:

  1. The first stage will consist of completing the legal knowledge test, for which up to 15 points will be awarded. Failure to attend for this part of the recruitment procedure will result in disqualification of the candidate and the award of 0 points in the recruitment procedure.
  2. The second stage will consist in preparing a presentation on one of the topics from the list that will be published in the IRK system. Candidates who obtained at least 7 points in the first stage of recruitment may be qualified for the second stage. The maximum number of points to be obtained as part of a prepared presentation is 25 points. Failure to attend for this part of the recruitment procedure will result in disqualification of the candidate and the award of 0 points in the recruitment procedure.

The recruitment procedure is the same for candidates with a Polish and foreign diploma. All applications for admission to studies should be submitted online at: irk.uw.edu.pl

The Selection Committee draws up a ranking list based on the scores awarded at both stages of the recruitment procedure.

The final result is the sum of the points scored in both stages of the recruitment process.

We recommend as the preparation material to the test The ABC of European Union Law by Klaus Dieter Borchardt

List of topics:

  1. Energy security, climate change and promoting internal market – how do these values intermingle in the current energy market?
  2. Supporting the development of new energy sources - what should be the role of the EU and Member States?
  3. Is the market capable of ensuring energy security?
  4. Nuclear energy - what should be its role in the EU energy sector?
  5. The influence of CJEU judgments on the functioning of energy markets.
  6. Sustainability, ESG and climate neutrality - same but different?
  7. The American approach towards climate policy – country of opposing dynamics
  8. Should we pay for polluting? Why yes? Why not?
  9. The EU approach of „leading by example” – pros and cons
  10. EU external competence – when and how?


Checking the candidates' language competence

Applicants are required to provide a document, recognised by the University of Warsaw, confirming their knowledge of English on at least B2 level.



The exam: 19th of September, 2024, from 10:00 am, Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw, st. Lipowa 4 or st. Oboźna 6

Presentation: 20th of September, 2024, from 10:00 am, there is possibility of presenting in a hybrid form on the Google Meets platform (if qualified for the second stage of recruitment procedure)

Announcement of results: 24th of September, 2024

Reception of documents: 

  • I round: 25th-26th of September, 2024
  • II round (in case of not fulfilling the limit during the I round): 27th, 30th of September, 2024



Application fee

Student's ID payment (ELS)

The studies are payable - tuition fees


Required documents

List of required documents submitted by candidates qualified for studies


Additional information 

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