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Admission for Doctoral Schools 2020/2021

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Economics and Finance

Code 2-SzD-NS-EiF
Organizational unit Doctoral School of Social Sciences
Academic area/discipline Economics and Finance
Form of studies Full-time
Language(s) of instruction English, Polish
Admission limit 13
Duration 4 years
Office opening hours ul. Dobra 56/66 lokal 0.108
00-312 Warszawa
tel: 22 55 20 264
poniedziałek-czwartek 10:00-14:00
WWW address
Required document
  • Higher education
There is currently no active phase for this programme in this registration.

Past phases in this registration:
  • Phase 1 (05.05.2020 00:01 – 28.06.2020 23:59)

Active phases in other registrations:
  • Admission for Doctoral Schools 2021/2022 - extra limit addmission
    Phase 1 (20.09.2021 14:00 – 27.09.2021 23:59)


 About school 

The school recruits in the following disciplines:

  • economics and finance
  • social and economic geography and spatial management
  • security studies
  • social communication and media studies
  • political science and public administration
  • management and quality studies
  • law
  • sociology
  • education
  • psychology


The programme of studies at the Doctoral School of Social Sciences is highly customized, adapted to the interests and research projects of the individual doctoral students and conducted under the guidance of a selected supervisor or supervisiors. The duration of the programme is eight semesters. The doctoral students complete compulsory general university classes, classes referring to the broadly conceived scholar’s workshop in social sciences and methodological classes. The choice of the courses is not limited to those offered by the doctoral student’s own discipline. Doctoral students may choose courses held by lecturers representing other related social sciences disciplines, if they consider it beneficial. Another important part of the program is the School's Seminar, which provides an opportunity to learn about research beyond the framework of a single discipline, and the meetings within which are devoted to presentations given by prominent representatives of the social sciences from UW, Poland and abroad.


The programme of study

The education lasts 4 years. It includes obligatory classes (no more than 300 hours in total during the whole period of education) and the implementation of an individual research plan, carried out under the supervision of a supervisor. The start of education – 1 October 2021.


The doctoral student works under the direction of the supervisor. The scan of a declaration by the planned supervisor, confirming their agreement to undertake the duties of a supervisor must be submitted to the IRK by 28 June 2021.

You will find a list of potential supervisors on the Doctoral Schools website:


The doctoral student shall receive the doctoral scholarship during the period of education. The scholarship will amount to PLN 2371,70 before the mid-term evaluation and 3653,70  after the mid-term evaluation. The total period of receiving the doctoral scholarship cannot exceed four years. The suplement for persons with disabilities amounts to PLN 711,51 (before the mid-term evaluation).

Notice! The amounts specified above may be subject to change if the ministry responsible for science and higher education decides to announce a new base rate.

The preparation of the information on the recruitment procedures to the Doctoral School of Social Sciences is in progress and will be made available here in due course.