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Admission for Doctoral Schools 2020/2021

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Quantitative Psychology and Economics

Code 4-SzD-MSD-QPE
Organizational unit Interdisciplinary Doctoral School
Academic areas/disciplines Economics and Finance, Psychology
Form of studies Full-time
Language(s) of instruction English, Polish
Admission limit 10
Duration 4 years
Recruitment committee address Krakowskie Przedmieście 1
00-047 Warszawa
tel: 22 55 20 276
Office opening hours poniedziałek-piątek 09:00-12:00
WWW address
Required documents
  • Higher education
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There is currently no active phase for this programme.

Past phases in this registration:
  • Phase 1 (05.05.2020 00:01 – 28.06.2020 23:59)


The "Quantitative Psychology and Economics" doctoral education program was developed as part of the University’s Integrated Development Program, with financial support from the European Social Fund within PO WER, Action 3.5.


Schedule of the Doctoral School enrolment procedure:registration in IRK:

  1. registration in the Internet Registration of Candidates, referred to as “IRK”, submitting an application to the IRK for admission to the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School: from 5th of May to 28th of June 2020;
  2. recruitment procedure
  • I st stage of the recruitment procedure: 1-12 July, 2020,
  • announcement of result of the I st stage of recruitment : 13 July 2020,
  • publication of interview schedule (II stage) 13 July 2020,
  • II nd stage of the recruitment procedure: 21 – 25 July 2020,
  • announcement of the ranking list: 28 July 2020,
  • accepting documents from qualified candidates: 28 July – 18 September, 2020,
  • announcement of the list of accepted candidates: on 21 September 2020

Recruitment fee

150 PLN

Form of the selection procedure:

Two-stage process:

  • Stage I: evaluation of the research project and scientific activities of the candidate;
  • Stage II: interview.

The interview shall comprise a presentation related to a research project, although the presentation shall not repeat the content of the project. Its purpose is presenting the research question, showing it in a broader context, etc., together with the evaluation of the candidate’s research suitability. In justified instances (e.g. where the candidate stays abroad), based on the written request of the candidate addressed to the Recruitment Coordinator, the interview may be carried out remotely, using generally available online tools.

Maximum number of points that can be obtained in the selection procedure – 100 points:

  • Stage I – 40 points (the number of points needed to qualify to stage II – 20 points).
  • Stage II – 60 points. 

Language of the enrolment procedure, including interviews:

In recruitment to the QPE program, the interview takes place in the language English.

Required documents:

The candidate shall submit the application for admission to the School only in IRK. It shall include:

  • the application for admission to the School stating the discipline in which the candidate plans to pursue education or, if applying for admission to IDS – the disciplines and the leading scientific discipline (and if there is no leading discipline – disciplines). By submitting an application for admission to the Doctoral School is understood as submitting a completed and paid recruitment application via IRK. Submission of an application via the Online Registration of Candidates is tantamount to submitting an application for admission to the Doctoral School chosen by the candidate;
  • scan of a diploma of completion of the long-cycle Master’s degree programme or second-cycle programme or an equivalent diploma obtained under separate regulations or –in the case of candidates pursuing education within the European Higher Education Areas –a declaration that the diploma or certificate of obtaining a Master’s degree shall be provided by 18 September 2020;
  • a description of the initial research project proposal, which comprises no more than 14,000 characters including spaces; the description shall contain the bibliography that is not included in the character limit; the research project proposal shall include the doctoral dissertation draft including information on leading areas of study; the research project proposal may also refer to a single area of study, but multidisciplinary, provided that discipline included therein are equal – in such the case, the candidate shall enclose a justification to the application filed to the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School;
  • a resumé or curriculum vitae containing information about scientific activities, including scientific interests and scientific achievements during five calendar years preceding the submission of the application;
  • scans of materials confirming scientific activities referred to in the resumé or CV;
  • declaration about the command of English at least at B2 level with documents confirming the command of English or other foreign languages;
  • a scan of the declaration of the supervisor candidate about their willingness to be the candidate’s supervisor and the number of doctoral students, for whom them are appointed as the supervisor;
  • one photograph of the candidate’s face, allowing their identification;
  • declaration whether the candidate is or was a doctoral student or participant of doctoral studies, and if yes – title of doctoral dissertation or the research project prepared by the candidate, as well as first name and surname of the academic tutor or the supervisor;
  • declaration on familiarising themselves with the content of the Resolution, as well as Article 40 and Article 41 of the Code of Administrative Procedure;
  • licencjat degree theses or master’s thesis, or any other scientific paper (preferred in English). 

Evaluation criteria and method:

Research project (maximum number of points – 30)
When evaluating the project, the following shall be taken into account:

  1. definition of the research problem, including objective, research questions, hypotheses (0-10 points);
  2. novelty and originality of the research project (0-5 points);
  3. methodology appropriate for the objective, application of the methodology going beyond the leading area of study (0-10 points);
  4. status of research and the bibliography relevant to achieving the research objective (0-5 points). 

Scientific activity of the candidate (maximum number of points – 10)
Interview (maximum number of points – 60)
The following shall be taken into account when evaluating the interview:

  1. prestation of the scientific question related to the research project prepared by the candidate (0-30 points);
  2. discussion with the candidate pertaining to the justification of the selection of the research areas in the context of research problems and methods proposed, knowledge of the subject, substantive knowledge, linguistic correctness and the ability to use a scientific language (Polish and/or English) (0-30 points).

Condition of admission to the School   

Obtaining at least 50 points in the whole selection process, including at least 20 points in stage I and at least 30 points in stage II of the selection process.